Lake Bruin Lodge & Country Store, Louisiana

Lake Bruin Lodge & Country Store is locally owned and operated. Located near Lake Bruin, a popular destination for fishermen and recreational visitors.

Welcome to Lake Bruin!

Lake Bruin —often called the best-kept secret in Louisiana —is one of the TOP fishing lakes in the state and is surrounded by some of the BEST hunting lands in the country. With its 3,000 acres nestled between cypress trees and beautiful lake homes, Lake Bruin is the place to be for day and night fishermen alike. Bass and white perch, as well as catfish and bream, are ready for the catch almost year-round. Lake Bruin , a fairly young oxbow lake, is roughly 11 miles long, ½ mile wide, and quite deep. The lake hosts multiple bass tournaments in the spring and fall, a poker run in the summer, and an exquisite fireworks show for Independence Day. Lake Bruin is home to vacationers from all over the country, as well as full-time residents. Guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of the tranquil weekday lake, along with active summer weekends—filled with fishing, skiing, golfing and boating, from sun-up to sun-down.

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